Stuck in 2014

Two years from now husband and I will truly be empty nesters and our real problems will begin. With two boys away at college and one to go, we are in a period of transition that helps me get ready for that day when time will stop. Unfortunately, nothing can fully prepare me.

I am speaking about technology.  I am not great at hooking things up or using new applications, but husband is far far worse.  The only thing that actually allowed us to successfully enter the 21st century (and I imagine that there were people being blocked at the doors) was the fact that one of our boys was already 9 years old and fairly competent at dial up Internet, answering machines and hooking up a VCR player.  As time went by their technology skills improved and frankly ours did not.  I think they enabled us.


I have always had an irrational fear of those dusty old houses where nothing has changed for decades and what should be charming is really just creepy.  You know the house.  The 50 year old plumbing and peeling wallpaper and the rancid smell of decades past .

Technologically, we are in danger of becoming that house.  Sure I can get carpets changed and buy a new kitchen table, but already I see the signs that we are becoming the creepy house, a place where new technology never arrives and old technology gathers dust and cobwebs. We have a DVD player that seems to be permanently connected to our TV, although I do not believe it works.  Pull the plug on the DVD and the TV stops.  Why?  Nobody seems to want to tell me. When I resolve to sort out the tangle of wire I have carefully hidden behind the TV, I notice that there is also a VCR player although we have not had VCRs since 2002 and it,too, seems connected to everything. And then I walk away.

There is the closet with every cord for every service we have ever had in this house, the cable, the satellite, the Fios, the Internet. New things with wires get connected, but old wires and cords strangely remain.  I might be able to bribe my kids into making technology house calls, but sometimes the looks of pity that they give us make it simply not worthwhile.  How are you keeping up with the 21st century with or without your tech-savy kids?

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2 Responses to Stuck in 2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m in that wasteland now and consequently I always miss things that I later go to Youtube to see. When my daughter, the in-house tech director is home, I chain her to the TV’s and other tech junk and make her fix it all. I’ve given up asking for explanations-who cares–it’s kind of like the central air equipment-I dont care how it does what it does, I just want to turn it on and cold air comes out. Like magic. Unfortunately, the tech stuff has an nasty-ish edge the boilers and ac units dont have: techs have the benefit of making one feel very dumb, not to mention old. Thanks Sony, Mac, HP, Facebook and all the rest of that tech pack we can’t live without.


  2. TK says:

    So true…the remote and cable connections seem so complicated that my husband and I often wonder what we’re going to do when we can’t call in our own household “geek” squad to fix the problem at a moments notice. Probably soon, we’ll need to invest in a universal remote and splurge to bring in the professionals to help.


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