Snow Day, Please

Central-Park, Winter: The Skating Pond, Publis...

Currier and Ives: fiction

I have a request for some snow. Here, in suburban New York, we’ve had only a dusting or two, if you exclude our freakish October storm. With spring arriving March 20, there’s little time for my wish to be granted.

Last winter: reality

Don’t get me wrong. I am no big fan of the white stuff as it was never part of my Texas heritage. After I moved North, I initially saw its charm but now, after too many difficult winters, it has lost its appeal. Beyond the Currier and Ives look of the first flakes, I see shoveling, black sludge building up in the street, and icy patches tempting falls. But you can’t have a snow day without precipitation so, please, before it is too late this year, can we just have one day with 4,5…even 6 inches?

The urgency in my desire comes from knowing that we have just two more winters when our daughter will be at home. She’s sixteen and busy with school, sports, friends. Out the door at 7AM, she is gone all day until she trudges up the hill from the bus stop, exhausted and starving. I feed her a mini-meal after which she hauls her back pack and sports bag up to her room. After dinner together, she returns to homework (or video chatting) until bedtime. Except for a few variations, each school day seems like an exact copy of this one, for nine long months.

The intensity of her life makes me wish for a day off for two reasons. First, nothing brings out little-kid joy in even the surliest or most thinks-she’s-grown-up-teen than those magic words “snow day.”  Second, snow stops the clock and gives us time at home together. After she goes to college, there will be no more early morning phone calls from her school announcing the day off. The very concept of snow days expires come graduation day – a mere two and a half years from now.

If we get just enough white stuff to trigger those calls I’ll be appreciative. I’m imagining it now – pancakes at noon, maybe build a fire and watch some TV together while the snow accumulates, creating our own private snow globe, protected for a day from the hectic reality of life.

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11 Responses to Snow Day, Please

  1. TBK says:

    Great post. I love your comment about how “snow stops the clock”.

  2. momshieb says:

    How perfectly timed!
    We had a snow day in Massachusetts last week (I’m a teacher), but I was home alone. I can’t tell you how much I missed the “pancakes at noon” and the sitting by the fire. I missed the maple syrup on snow, the soup on the stove, the chance to just sit and talk.
    I hope you get your snow day, and I hope it is as magical as you imagine it to be!

  3. Crista says:

    I am on the same count down as you….2.5 years and she’s gone. I hold on to every single day….sometimes every single moment…because each is the greatest gift I can get anymore.

    People think living in Colorado means blizzards and snow days galore. Wrong-o!! This is our fifth winter here. Not a single snow day for our school district. Not even a delay. Not once.

    I can also relate the Groundhog Day like life with my teen. I sometimes enjoy the monotony….at least things are sort of predictable.

    • G&F says:


      Wow – no snow in Colorado? Enjoy your countdown with your daughter, too, and thanks for visiting G&F!

  4. momshieb says:

    Good morning!
    Just came to tell you that I have nominated you for the “Beautiful Blogger” award! Your upbeat style helps to brighten many days for me.
    You can find some info and “rules” on the “Awards” page (that makes me laugh..there is only one award there!) on my blog.

    • G&F says:

      How incredibly kind of you. We are happy you have found us and vise versa. Thanks very much for the “Beautiful Blogger” nomination!

  5. admin says:

    Having grown up in North Syracuse, I know all about snow 😉
    I still clamor for a snow day, working in a public school. Unfortunately, it looks like my chances of getting one this year are gone. Where was winter, this year??


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