Dear Reader,

In the upcoming weeks we hope to touch upon the subject of HOME. We hope our homes, the ones we grew up in and the ones we raised our children in, will be the subject of some great discussion. In order to do this we have a few questions for your kids (see polls on the right). We would love their answers to these questions and we would love it even more if they could pass these polls along, by Facebook or other means, to as many of their friends as possible. There is no log-in, there is no email and we cannot see who voted, only the aggregate totals.

Any thoughts you have about home—we are all ears,

Grown and Flown

About Grown and Flown

Parenting from the Empty Nest
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One Response to Home

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the music video! Will add Mark Broussard to my I-tunes!


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