Oh, No, It’s Spring

Empty Nest ParentingToday is the first day of spring.

Even the google doodle is celebrating!

I saw that the first daffodils bloomed in our garden.  Only one plant, it was a mini variety and sat on the edge of the lawn, next to the street.  A blanket of green stems, pregnant with their own encased blossoms, stood nearby.  I stopped the car and got out to take a photo of  the canary – colored little flower and began to free-associate.  Here is the mental path I took during the moments between first seeing this harbinger of spring and pulling into the driveway:

Exciting, our first daffodils have bloomed!

Sweet little ones beat out the larger varieties, way to go!

I love spring, hurray that winter has ended!

That’s right, it’s March 20th, spring starts today.

Hmmm, so glad spring break is here for our 10th grader!

Wow, so glad she’s in 10th and not 11th grade.

Next year she’ll have spring break but then she’ll have ALL THOSE TESTS TO TAKE – SATS, APs, SAT2s, ACTs-awful!

Spring will be terrible!

Ok, it’s not really spring’s fault, and for goodness’ sake, don’t blame the innocent daffodils.

I sat in the car for a moment longer and wondered how something as innocuous as a flower had triggered a panic attack.  Maybe the little yellow guy was a sign showing me how easily I can allow myself to view the world through the murky lens of college application season if I’m not careful.

Thanks, Buddy, next time I’ll take the time to smell you, eventhough you’re no rose, but right now I have to make a call to get that summer test prep scheduled.

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2 Responses to Oh, No, It’s Spring

  1. momshieb says:

    Oh, I get it!
    For me, the panic attack is a backward look, though; remembering daffodils in the past when the kids were little.
    Why can’t we just enjoy the happy little yellow faces???

  2. The seasons in a graden do bring back memories of our families. When we first bought our house 22 years ago, my dad planted many flats of impatiens around a decrepit pond that we tried to restore. I always think of his engineer’s precision when I plant them annually. My rows are NEVER straight!


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