It’s Time to Bury St. Joseph Again…

Empty Nest

We sold our first suburban home in 1997 when my youngest child was about to start kindergarten.  We wanted to move to a town where the elementary schools were not being rebuilt and the kids would not be learning in a construction site.  The house that we were selling was a completely renovated antique farmhouse.  I loved that yellow farmhouse, the first home that my husband and I bought, but as a mother of three I knew that the town we were trying to move to would be best for the kids.  I found an amazing home in our new town and our offer was accepted, but the sunny yellow farmhouse did not sell. Even though we were both scared we decide to move ahead and carry two mortgages.  The house continued to be bypassed for new construction and cul-de-sacs.  Our realtor told me that she had heard if a likeness of St. Joseph was buried in the yard, the Saint would bring his blessings and the house would sell.  I am not Catholic, but I figured… what would I have to lose?  I buried the St. Joseph that she gave to me.  The house did sell, but I never knew if his blessing helped.  I only knew that it felt good to do something when the process felt so completely out of my control.

Flash forward almost fifteen years and we are about to put that perfect house on the market.  Our three children, now 25, 22 and 19, are all on their way in own their lives.  We created incredible memories in both of our homes and the children had amazing public educations, but the house is too big for just my husband, dog and me.  We come home from work and live in the kitchen and our bedroom.  Nothing changes in the rest of the house on a daily basis unless the kids are with us.   It doesn’t make sense to maintain this large space for their return for the holidays.  I had the honor of raising them and a good many of their friends in this warm and inviting domain, but it is now time for another young family to leave their mark on a home that was first built in 1900.  Many families have passed through these doors and laughed, cried, danced, cooked, played and slept within this protective enclosure.

I bought a  St. Joseph statue at a Christian bookstore.  It felt odd to go in and ask for a Saint statue, but the salesperson reached under the counter and handed me a packaged St. Joseph marketed to assist in selling a home.  I am going to bury it in the front yard with the hope that his blessings will bring a buyer to our door.  We have seen a house

that is perfect in the next town and we want to move.  It would allow us to walk to dinner, the movies, shopping and the library.  I could ride my bike or walk to work and my husband’s commute would be under ten minutes.  The house is all that we can talk about with its space for the kids to come home, a little backyard for me to tend and a beautiful kitchen for the meals I love to prepare.  I am hoping that St. Joseph will work his magic… it is time to start the next chapter.

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5 Responses to It’s Time to Bury St. Joseph Again…

  1. Sometimes we can all use a spark of magic! Good luck!

  2. I’m a huge believer in St. Joe…he helped me sell my house and helped my kids get jobs! Once you’ve sold the house you can unearth him, then face him out the window towards where you want any miracles to happen. He has come through so many times.

  3. Coming from the Chicago area, it’s a very common practice. Best of luck for a swift transition.

  4. Great post! Don’t worry you will sell it and it will be great! I didn’t know about the keeping him part. I will have to try it.

  5. Thanks for all of the words of encouragement. It is interesting to learn of so many followers of the practice of burying St. Joseph.


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