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I Will Be There for You Again

I get that you think that you never want to have kids.  I get that they look like a lot of hard work, and you don’t really like small children.  I know that you cannot even imagine being a father. … Continue reading

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Dancing with Dad

From MD: Tonight I feel like Cinderella, left behind to clean while her step-sisters attend the ball. My husband and our sixteen year old daughter just departed for the annual Father-Daughter dinner dance – a special date they have kept … Continue reading

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Long Distance Love

After I married and had children I became a little jealous of my friends who lived near their parents.  In those families, grandparents held the tiny hands of grandchildren as they grew and grew.  Fortunately, I learned from my far-away … Continue reading

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Lessons at the Knee of the Master

The first time I left my eldest child was to go to a wedding, overnight. The celebration was obligatory and I was a wreck. I was worried beyond all reason that something would happen to my thirteen-month-old baby and truly … Continue reading

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Stay a Little Longer

I really never dreamed of moving from our current home during the empty nest phase. This decision, I believe, was based on my experience with my own parent’s home.  Ironically, while most empty nesters downsize their homes my parents just … Continue reading

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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Of all the topics I could go on about to a psychiatrist, real estate has never been on my top ten list of neurosis. However, now that I stand at the brink of a major domicile decision, I want to … Continue reading

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