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Thank You, Mrs. Ainslie

From Mary Dell: Airplane trips offer few comforts – no food, uncomfortable seats, dreary in-flight entertainment. Last week, however, on a flight with my family, American Airlines provided a movie that I watched with interest.  One of the main characters … Continue reading

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“When Did You Know Your Dog Needed Therapy?”

At lunch with a new friend,  I chatted about attending pet therapy.   Very delicately she asked “When did you know your dog needed therapy?” I  must have skipped a few crucial details in discussing how I work with my … Continue reading

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The Perfect Panty

Knickers are aspirational, not in the career, socio-economic sense, but in a more revealing, personal sense. They speak to who we want to see ourselves as and who we want to be seen as, they express our doubts and insecurities, … Continue reading

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Please Accept My Apology

Kara Gebhart Uhl, who blogs at Pleiades Bee, published a great piece a couple of weeks ago that resonated with thousands of readers. She issued an open apology to all parents she had judged so harshly during her child-free years.  I, … Continue reading

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And I Thought, Those Could be My Children

There are certain things that you’re just passionate about and it could be anything.  Mine has always been women’s rights, and particularly women’s economic empowerment.  That has been my personal soapbox, I think since I was in high school.   –Connie … Continue reading

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Back on the Career Track, pt. 2

Carol Fishman Cohen, co-founder of irelaunch,  returns today with some concise words of advice for anyone looking to reignite a career or maybe change direction. She gives us some great personal stories that we hope will provide inspiration and direction. … Continue reading

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