Dads and the Empty Nest

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Celia Dodd, author of  “The Empty Nest: How to Survive and Stay Close to Your Adult Child” sends her thoughts to Grown and Flown from her home in West London:

I wonder how many dads are reading this?  If my hunch is correct, probably not as many as moms!  It’s not that men aren’t affected when their children leave home – they certainly are.  I know dads who sobbed for hours after leaving a son or daughter at college, who felt totally lost in the months after their kids left.  The big difference is that men are less likely to talk about how they feel, either to friends or partners, and they may not even admit to themselves that the empty nest is a big deal. Continue reading

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Dancing with Dad

From MD:

Tonight I feel like Cinderella, left behind to clean while her step-sisters attend the ball. My husband and our sixteen year old daughter just departed for the annual Father-Daughter dinner dance – a special date they have kept for nine years in a row. My companions? Certainly not twirling, dress-making mice! I remain at home with our Labradors, a glass of wine, and memories of the night, once upon a time, when my own dad and I joined the festivities. Continue reading

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Man of the House: Thoughts on a Son’s Graduation

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From Suzy, a Grown and Flown writer:

My first child graduated from high school last weekend.  It’s all good – he’s ready. He’s heading off to the college of his choice and is excited to broaden his world beyond the school community where he has spent thirteen years.  As I look ahead to September, so many thoughts and emotions bubble to the surface.   Continue reading

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Weathering the Teen

photo by AHB

From MD

The weather took a nosedive during Memorial Day Weekend.  Tropical Storm Beryl was the uninvited guest at our family get-away during the short overlap of our college and high school kids’ impossible schedules. By day two, high wind and torrential rain put the kabash on outdoor activities and we were under house arrest. While my husband fretted about broken tree limbs and flooding, I grabbed the laptop, as my inspiration was in the room next door- our two children (21,16)  who sweetly slumbered through the worst of the morning deluge.

How Weathering a Storm and Parenting Teenagers Feels the Same: Continue reading

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Siblings Unrivaled

…we were a two decade long loving embrace, that in truth can never be the same again…

There is one aspect of parenting that I feel more strongly about than most others, and I have no explanation for why.  I want my sons to be close, best-friend, always-there-for-each-other, close.  I want them to have the kind of intimacy that comes with having spent a lifetime together, and I desperately want it to last.  But why I feel this so passionately, why it ranks right near the very top of the list of things I hope for my family, I would struggle to say. Continue reading

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Half In, Half Out with my High School Daughter

Photo by TBK

By Sue, a Grown and Flown writer:

As we count down the days until the end of our daughter’s junior year, I find myself questioning my eagerness. Do I really want to wish this time away? Am I ready to face the reality of her last year of high school and the end of our comfort at having her under our roof? Is it okay for me to look forward to getting through this incredibly demanding year so we can all breathe a little easier? Continue reading

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Home (Bitter) Sweet Home: From a College Student’s Perspective

Last week Caroline Finnegan, a rising senior at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, posted on Her some words of advice to college students on returning home for the summer in Home (Bitter) Sweet Home: How to Deal with Returning Home for the Summer. We loved her post and asked her if we could share it with all of you (thinking you might want to pass it along to certain members of your household!) and to add a few words of advice for parents as well.  If only all twenty year olds were this sensible…. Continue reading

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